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Tenants and Landlords for Fair Taxation
Stop Paying Unfair Taxes
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Email to City Councillors Who Voted Against Tax Fairness For Tenants (or Didn’t Vote) in 2010

On April 14, 2010, City Councillors Brooks, Bellemare, Bloess, Deans, Desroches, El-Chantiry, Harder, Jellet, Monette, Qadri and Wilkinson voted to keep making tenants pay 1.7 times the tax rate that homeowners pay.

It is important that City Council understand how important this issue is to tenants. Email Ottawa City Councillors to express your unhappiness at the unfair treatment they voted to continue.

Ideally your e-mail would be polite, but firm. Some of those Councillors have supported tax fairness for tenants before, and we need them to do so again next year. In particular, Councillors Bellemare, Bloess, Deans, Harder, Qadri and Wilkinson have sometimes supported tax fairness for tenants in the past. So have Councillors Doucet and McRae, although they were absent for the vote this year.

Please email City Councillors and say (IN YOUR OWN WORDS):

• I rent a home in Ottawa
• Higher taxes mean higher rents
• Stop taxing tenants at a higher rate than homeowners

Remember to include a subject line like "Tenants need tax fairness" or "Tenants Need Fair Taxes."

Click here to email the key Councillors.