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City Council to decide property tax rates for tenants on April 14 The Ottawa Citizen, April 10/10

Property taxes higher for rental buildings of more than six units The Ottawa Citizen, April 3/10

Higher property taxes mean higher rents for tenants The Ottawa Citizen, March 27/10

Property tax rate on rental units 75% higher than for homeowners The Ottawa Citizen, April, 18/'09

Tax burden for tenants Ottawa Citizen, April 29/'06


No winners in assessment battle The Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 6/'05

Tenants pay too much tax The Ottawa Citizen editorial, April 11/'02


Apartment tax rates to stay where they are council decides Ottawa Citizen, April 15/'10

Committee rejects tax rate rollback Ottawa Sun, March 23/'10

Apartment taxes to stay 1.7 times more Ottawa Citizen, March 23/'10

Cullen pushes to ease taxes on apartments Ottawa Sun, March 20/'10

Landlords want tax ratio lowered Metro, March 17/'10

Must Be Kidding - Tax report finds apartments on easy street Ottawa Sun, March 17/'10

City to give tenants a $2.5 million tax break News EMC, April 27/'06

Tenant tax break touted Ottawa Sun, April 18/'06

Renters pay double property tax as home owners Nepean Weekender, June 2/'05

Property tax hikes could top 20% for some The Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 6/'05

Property tax hikes to hit residents of trendy urban core The Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 5/'05

Reassessment to hit renters where it hurts The Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 4/'05

Ontario tax rules hose passive tenants The Ottawa Citizen, March 23/'04