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2009 Results

On April 22, 2009, Ottawa City Council voted to cancel the 2009 tax-driven rent increases for most tenants. City Council did that by reducing the average tax increase on tenant occupied property from 5.7% to 2.5%.

Since landlords would have passed the higher tax through to tenants in our rents, that would have led to rent increases above the guideline. City Council cancelled those rent increases, by reducing the tenants tax increase.

(Landlords can still raise rents by the guideline or by applying to the Landlord and Tenant Board for other major cost increases, but taxes will not lead to a rent increase for most tenants. We say “for most tenants” because a few rental properties may have had an assessment increase that was big enough to result in a large tax increase even though the overall increase in the tax rate has been reduced.)

The following City Councillors voted for the step toward tax fairness for tenants in 2009:

Cullen, Legendre, Holmes, Doucet, Chiarelli, Hunter, Leadman, Qadri, Wilkinson, Bellemare, Hume, Deans, McRae, Feltmate and Bloess.

For the full details of the two votes on the issue, showing the Councillors who voted against tax fairness for tenants, and the Councillors who voted for an actual tax decrease for tenants, go to "Recent Past Voting" at the top.

Thank you to everyone who emailed or telephoned Councillors. Without those contacts most Ottawa tenants would have faced above-guideline rent increases for taxes. Thanks to tenants’ telephone calls and e-mails, most tenants will NOT face above-guideline rent increases for taxes.

Please contact TLFT to see what you can do to help us improve the situation for tenants next year. Our e-mail address is Or go to "Volunteering" at the top to find out more about volunteering to help.